Senior profile: Ceci Escudero


Sophia Beckmann

Art by Laurel Seidensticker. Cecillia Escudero, senior, is planning on attending SLU and wants to minor in studio art and major in a science related course.

The pencil moves swiftly, unpredictable strokes and messy lines forming on the white paper. Ceci Escudero has been interested in art for as long as she can remember, taking classes in elementary, middle and high school.

In Escudero’s AP Drawing class, she had to choose an investigation for the year. She chose emotions. While Escudero’s style is normally pencil and paper, she recently started painting and was shocked because it was a skill she didn’t realize she had.

“As I started exploring [art styles] with my classes I realized I was pretty good at painting,” Escudero said. “I started painting pretty intricate things I never knew I could do.”

Art isn’t the only thing important to Escudero. She is also co-captain of the KHS women’s Ultimate Frisbee team with Morgan Gindler, senior. Escudero said she was nervous when she started to play Ultimate Frisbee.

“I am more confident with myself now because of Frisbee,” Escudero said. “The reason I stayed on the team is not only because I liked Frisbee, but because the team was so nice and friendly.”

Gindler recruited Escudero to play freshman year. Since their team last year was mostly seniors, they needed to find more players this year.

“Leading that process of getting new players and trying to grow the sport was really exciting,” Gindler said. “Frisbee is just a great experience for us and everyone on the team. [Escudero] helps make it a lot easier to lead. I can’t imagine being the only captain.”

Rich Finley has been the women’s Ultimate Frisbee coach for all four of Escudero’s years on the team. According to Finley, being a captain this year is more difficult than previous years due to COVID-19.

“I have seen her grow with her skills and her confidence over the years,” Finley said. “She is the type who never stops trying. She is always out there with a smile on her face.”