The road to Kirkwood


Anna Newland

Edwin Thorpe stands outside of Dierbergs next to his bike he rode there.

He looks like he stepped straight out of a Dick’s Sporting Goods catalog and could go for a three-pointer any second. As for the Iowa State shirt — Thorpe grew up in Iowa, and he lived there six years. You might find him on the court, too. When asked what position he plays, he laughed, “I’m basically just a guard,” Thorpe said. “I’m too short to be a forward.” Basketball has been his sport ever since he knew how to play.

He’s also always found solace in the outdoors, usually through biking. Following his move to Kirkwood in the 8th grade, Edwin rode his bike to school with some friends, an activity Thorpe said they do often. One day the sidewalks were torn up at the intersection of Rose Hill by Kirkwood Road from construction, forcing them to cross the street. Edwin ducked behind a car, to try and make his way through the torn up street. What he didn’t see was a pickup truck coming from the other way. He ran right into the side of it.

“It wasn’t really that bad,” Thorpe said. “It didn’t tamper with my movement or anything. Not like a broken leg would.”  Edwin still goes on rides often.

Rolling down Geyer on a Sunday evening, Edwin flies down the hill towards Kirkwood Park. He’s looking up and there’s a smile across his face as he lets the gravity take him. He looks free.