Senior profile: Luke Vatterott

Throughout his time at KHS, Luke Vatterott has grown to be comical, caring and a confidante to others. He loves to swim, to learn and to socialize. He enjoys biking, playing basketball and lifting barbells. Luke also has cerebral palsy.

“The way that KHS has embraced Luke has been wonderful,” Mimi Vatterott, Luke’s mom, said. “He has been so fortunate to have great teachers and to be involved with Circle of Friends.”

Circle of Friends is a club that provides opportunities for people of all abilities to meet, become friends and spend time together. Marguerite Justin, senior and Luke’s friend, also attends the clubs’ events, like bowling, picnics and sporting events. The club has been a place for the two friends of ten years to see each other.  Marguerite and Luke have been friends since second grade and enjoy participating in the Special Olympics, playing video games and splashing around in Luke’s backyard pool. Marguerite said they plan to stay friends forever.

“Why would the end of high school end our friendship?” Marguerite said. “That would be ridiculous.”

In addition to staying close with Marguerite, Luke may get to live out his dreams of protecting others. Mimi said their family is in the process of creating an opportunity for her son to collaborate with the police department.

“[Luke’s] always talked about working at the police department,” said Mimi. “His cousin is a policeman and he’s a very important cousin to him, and I think that has influenced some of what he wants to do.”

After graduating from KHS, Luke also plans to get involved with the Arc, a community-based organization for people with disabilities, and participate in activities offered by the Arc, like their bingo night.  Mimi also said she and her family will be pushed to work harder to continue Luke’s social life after he leaves KHS.

“[Luke graduating] is really hard,” Mimi said. “It’s not easy. I have some concerns. I mean, he’s had such a great experience at [KHS] and has made great friends there. It’s scary [for him] to go out into the big world now.”

Mimi said she is very proud of Luke, since she has seen Luke push himself to achieve success at KHS. Luke’s mother also believes his teachers have acted as his cheerleaders by pushing Luke throughout high school.

“Watching his face and seeing how happy he is going off to school [is a fond memory].” Mimi said. “The best part of KHS has been the overall positive environment that he’s had the pleasure of being a part of.”