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Senior Profile: Jack Tuchschmidt

April 25, 2017

The goal of the portrait of a Pioneer isn’t to be number one. Rather, it values honesty, diversity and the pursuit of excellence, and nobody better embodies those traits better than Jack Tuschmidt. Focused on always improving himself both mentally and physically, Jack said he understands that it doesn’t take winning a state championship to stand out among a class of over 400.

“I think people believe being unique comes from this idea of are you the best at something,” Jack said. “Am I the best at playing the trumpet? No. Am I the best wrestler? No. Am I the best cross country runner? No. But it’s the combination of everything and your mindset. When it all coalesces into one person and how you move forward with intent, that’s the biggest thing that makes me unique.”

Whether it’s doing cross country, track or wrestling to stay in shape, playing trumpet in the marching band, orchestra, and pit to expand his creative thinking, or studying mechanical engineering to improve his knowledge, Jack is always looking for activities to involve himself in at KHS.

“I remember my freshman sophomore year, I was always consistently feeling like Kirkwood is my home and then that other places are just somewhere I go,” Jack said. “It’s weird, Kirkwood being so supportive and embracing of individuals even though there’s like 1,000 of us. It was always nice to wrap myself up in extracurriculars and to be here all the time to be productive and improve myself.”

If there are things that are making people feel bad, then we as humans should try to make them feel better”

— Jack Tuchschmidt

Raised in an unordinary home, Jack has used what others may see as obstacles to his advantage. Although he said his mom is one of his biggest supporters, it’s not easy staying positive in tough situations. Especially freshman and sophomore year, Jack said he would stay longer at school to delay coming home.

“There was quite a drastic change from this productive Kirkwood environment to my house,” Jack said. “There was a line I crossed when I came home that was always a shock to my system. My mom was disabled and she deals with a lot of depression and my father can get angry, and that combination was definitely different from this Kirkwood community.”

Jack said he’s planning on planning on attending Missouri Institute of Science and Technology to study mechanical engineering so that he can one day create tools to help people like his mother. Even outside of school, Jack is always trying to include other people and make them feel as welcome as he has felt in Kirkwood.

“It’s been a kind of interesting benefit to me to have have seen some of the issues first hand,” Jack said. “It opened up my eyes a little bit to the kind of darker things the world can have in it. But if there are things that are making people feel bad, then we as humans should try to make them feel better and I think that’s what drives me; trying to make people feel better.”

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