Senior Profiles: Isabel Nauman

Jonathan Munroe, news-features writer

As she walks through the doorway to the art hall, Isabel Nauman, senior, transforms into her element. Involved in Symphonic Orchestra, Acapella Choir, Prism Vocal Jazz, Art Club and KH Players, she is dedicated to the arts.

“The KHS art department is a vital part of Kirkwood and it does not get as much attention and praise as the other departments,” Nauman said. “I have learned way more than just art skills from Mrs. Grimes, and I find myself applying her lessons to my daily life.”

Nauman got her start in the drama department last spring in the musical “Once Upon a Mattress.” From then on, she has been devoted to theater. She was the assistant director for the production of “The Arsonists” and worked with the costume crew for the production of “You Can’t Take it With You.”

“I have been dancing and singing since I was little, but I definitely wasn’t an Annie,” Nauman said, referencing the the main character of the hit musical. “It was not until recently that I got everything together and realized this is what I want to do with my life.”

Nauman was accepted into the Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts Conservatory at Southeast Missouri State University. Limited to 25 students accepted each year, the program offers internships at professional theaters across the United States, giving students like Nauman experience in the drama field before they graduate.

“A lot of people ask me what I’m going to do with a musical theater major,” Nauman said. “If I can’t get a job acting or singing in professional theaters, I see myself doing more technical work like lights or costumes. People can scoff at me all they want, but this is what I want to do with my life.”

Sarah Morgan, senior, became friends with Nauman during the production of “Once Upon a Mattress.” They now share the same voice teacher and work on the same shows.

“I was so happy that she made it into the conservatory because of how hard she has worked to improve herself,” Morgan said. “I am really lucky to have gotten to know her and more people should have that opportunity.”

Fariga Drayton-Conway, Symphonic Orchestra teacher, has been working with Nauman since sixth grade. Drayton-Conway has been a mentor for Nauman for the past six years, pushing her to achieve her dreams.

“She has worked so hard over the years,” Drayton-Conway said. “She is such a talented, consistent student and musician. Her future is limitless and she can do anything. If she just tries she’ll never know what will happen. She’ll have a great career.”