Senior Profiles: Najma Omar

Emma Lingo, news-features writer

As a freshman walking into her first Student Council (STUCO) meeting, Najma Omar, senior, exuded confidence. She quickly learned how STUCO worked and trained senior class officers on how to become better at their STUCO jobs when she was 14 years old. This led her to finding her niche in student government. Omar has been a part of STUCO all four years of high school, and she is currently the student body president.

“I like helping people and being involved,” Omar said. “ I asked myself what was the best thing I could do to [help out and get involved], and it seemed like STUCO was best for me.”

For the past year, Omar has worked to bring about change at KHS, her focus being on giving a voice to the students, especially marginalized students. As president, she attempted to include clubs revolving around social justice in conversations about what needs to change at KHS. She

“I wanted to take STUCO and make it more about students,” Omar said. “I wanted to prevent [issues] from reaching a point where [students] had to go on walk-outs to get our voices heard.”

Overall, Omar said she was disappointed in the little progress that was made during her time at KHS. She worked to help organize an assembly on race issues after the Jason Stockley trial. This was where she saw the most positive progress and conversation around controversial topics.

She has motivation that comes from within. She wants to do the very best she can.”

— Cindy Ricks

Omar said the assembly was a step in the right direction, but there is still much more to do. Despite being unsatisfied, Omar plans to continue holding leadership roles in college and beyond. Omar one day hopes she can fill the shoes of Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State. Cindy Ricks, head walking counselor, said she encourages Omar to enter the political scene.

“She has motivation that comes from within,” Ricks said. “She wants to do the very best she can, and she can figure out a solution to any problem that comes her way. She can make change and do incredible things.”

Aside from STUCO, Omar is also a leader of French club, president of Book Club and has a job at TJ Maxx. Anna Kalfus, French club sponsor, said she is amazed by how Omar handles her responsibilities.

“Whatever she does, I know she’ll use the skills she has to be a leader,” Kalfus said. “She’s passionate about so many things, and whatever she’s passionate about she gives 110 percent to.”

After Omar graduates, she hopes other classes will strive toward a more student-based dialogue within the school. Omar also believes that students should keep the structured student government system that the Class of 2018 has worked to build.

“Kirkwood is exceptional,” Omar said. “There’s something about Kirkwood that makes it deserve to be the best. We have a combination of students from [diverse backgrounds], and since we’re all in this building together, we should be cohesive in the way we think and talk about issues.”