Senior Profiles: Nora Carmody

Jack Rintoul, entertainment editor

Nora Carmody, senior, finds friends in many different places. During her time at KHS, she connected with peers on a two-week trip to France, others she met on yearbook or in the Coalition. But for Nora, the best friend she made during high school was a lot closer to home.

“My sister is my best friend,” Nora said. “She is the yin to my yang.”

Anna Carmody, sophomore, said before high school she and her sister were not very close. But when she left middle school, they were able to open up and gain a better understanding of one other. Despite the two years of school separating them, Nora and Anna said they have now become closer than ever.

“We talk to each other about everything,” Anna said. “Whether [we have] super exciting things going on or we are just happy-ranting or if [one of us] bombed a test and is having a really frustrating day.”

Connor Costello, junior and a mutual friend of the sisters, also noticed the connection between the two. Costello said when they are together he can tell how close the two are.

“They have the same sense of humor,” Costello said. “You can tell they have a very strong bond.”

Despite Anna saying the two are different in many ways, she said they get along extremely well. The pair have become so accustomed to each other’s company that while Nora was on spring break in Florida, she would FaceTime her sister regularly to talk and simply see her face.

“I am really touchy and she is not,” Nora said. “So when I saw her again after break she had to let me give her a big hug.”

Now, as Nora prepares to head off to the University of Denver in the fall, she and Anna are making the most of their time together. They are currently working on a list of places in St. Louis they want to visit before Nora leaves.

“Every Saturday morning or afternoon we go to a new place,” Anna said. “We spend a lot time with each other so I am trying not to think about her going off to college.”

Realizing that Nora leaving is inevitable, they have already begun planning a FaceTime schedule for next year. And despite the many differences in their personalities and the way they act, the two know their strong bond will continue for years to come

“We are opposites,” Anna said. “But it works well together.”