Senior Profiles: Ashley Anderson

Photo by Malayna Vines

Photo by Malayna Vines

Mary Frizzell, Photographer

Since the first time she picked up a basketball, Ashley Anderson, senior, has given the sport her all. From age 5, she learned how to dribble, shoot and navigate intricate plays. As the sport runs deep in her family, with her dad and five of his siblings also playing the sport, it is no surprise she has also taken on the tradition herself.

“[My dad] encouraged me to play basketball, and he’s always believed in me, so that’s probably [been] the biggest [influence],” Ashley said. “Talent-wise, I was always stronger at basketball. Everything about the sport I love.”

Her family’s commitment to the sport hasn’t stopped at her. Ashley’s two younger brothers also play basketball. In particular, her brother Michael, freshman, has recognized her role in his outlook on basketball.

“[Basketball is] one of the ways I look up to her and she’s always helped me and been kind to me,” Michael Anderson said. “It’s fun to get to see her get to play.”

As a result of the time commitment of being on a competitive team, Ashley’s dedication has grown. From staying later to practice or following up with her coaches about ways she could improve, Ashley has never taken short-cuts. Her work ethic paid off when the KHS girls’ basketball team won two state championships during her junior and senior year.

“The first time it was incredible because that was the first time in the history that we won and so that feeling by itself was so neat, but to do it two years in a row. It was a dream come true honestly,” Ashley said.

Regarding her future plans, Ashley is planning to continue playing basketball at Greenville University starting the fall of 2018 with an undecided major. She hopes to continue to cultivate the devotion that her basketball career at KHS aided developing.

“[Ashley] obviously works harder than any other person out on that court,” Monica Tritz, girls’ varsity basketball coach, said. “She brought a tenacity to our team that we definitely needed.”

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