Senior profile: Harry Barrs


De Lila Green

Art by Laurel Seidensticker. Harry Barrs says he won’t miss much when he goes to Kenyon College, but he will miss the friends he made in cross country.

“High school is boring,” Harry Barrs said, weeks away from graduation, having never received a grade below an A. During the pandemic, he said the only thing he missed from school was lunchtime never the classes. And while he’s proud of his perfect transcript, Barrs said he much preferred the time spent outside of school than within it. Specifically, when he joined the cross country team with his closest friends.

“[I liked cross country because] it’s good to stay in shape and most of my friends [were] doing it,” Barrs said. “It’s good to see them after school as opposed to just going home.”

Will Hurley, senior, first met Barrs in kindergarten, but they only started hanging out once he joined the cross country team. Now, Hurley considers Barrs one of his closest friends. 

“I’m not going to miss a ton [about high school]. ”

— Harry Barrs

“Harry’s the only person I really hung out with last year,” Hurley said. “He’s super chill and funny and great to be around. [My favorite memories with Harry] were on the cross country team just messing around.”

Another friend Barrs met through cross country is Louis Falk, senior. Falk said their friend group spends a lot of time together both in and outside of practice.

“[Our friend group] likes to get together and play basketball,” Falk said. “I’m personally really bad. I just go to hang out with everyone. It’s only good vibes.”

Reflecting on his overall experience in high school, Barrs said it was much easier and more boring than he expected. Still, he said he’s met people that he’ll miss when he attends college.

“In middle school, all the teachers were like, ‘You gotta get ready for high school. It’s gonna be way harder,’ but that was definitely not the case,” Barrs said. “I’m not going to miss a ton [about high school]. I’m sure I’ll lose touch with plenty of people from high school. I guess [they’re] what I’ll miss most.”