Ramona Miller Q&A: Turkey Day

Jonah Wright, news writer

Q: What’s the biggest purpose that the senior skit serves?

A: “I think it’s just about creating a sense of togetherness for the students. The underclassmen and upperclassmen unite over relatable topics like Webster and their teachers.”

Q: Do you think the senior skit has become repetitive over the last few years?

A: “There’s definitely repetition in the skit, because it traditionally follows a pattern that the seniors like to follow. But this year, the seniors put their own twist in the skit, so I think it will be a pleasant surprise.

Q: Do you think the senior skit can be offensive due to it’s comical representation of teachers and WGHS?

A: “I don’t think that the seniors ever intend to insult Webster or their teachers, its simply a fun way to inspire competition and get the students ready for the game.”