VOK: college

“College is going to be freaking sick because you’re going to meet a whole bunch of new people and have a whole bunch of new experiences. I’m not going to miss anything school related about high school, but [I will miss] the memories I’ve made and being able to be care free in high school and not having to worry about things like taxes. I’m also going to miss the football team because I’ve been playing football since I was very little and this is the last year I’ll ever be able to play. But, we went out on top with the state championship, so I’m happy about that.”

-Gavin Deboor, senior 

“Obviously, I’m going to miss my friends the most. Of all the things in Kirkwood, your friends are probably the constant. They will always be there for you. However, I’m also excited to go to college. It’s going to be more fun trying something new, and [to] go out and expand my horizon. Kirkwood is fun and all but after awhile you start to feel kind of trapped here. I feel like going off to college to a far away place will be a fun experience.

– Austin Nico, senior

“[College] sounds fun. But it also sounds like a money pit for parents. [I am going to miss] the camaraderie from high school and being in a community with the people I’ve been with for 18 years of my life and seeing them every day.”

– James Fuszner, senior