VOK: KHS principals present and past

Jamie Jones, Anna Poe, Alyssa Fox, and Abbey Painter

Dr. Michael Havener

“Dr. Havener has such a good balance because he’s been here as a teacher, an assistant principal, then he was at the central office and he came back here to be principal. He has a wider perspective of the district than the others which of course helps in making him such a wonderful principal because he’s seen the district from all sides.”

– Jacqueline Ravenscraft, executive secretary


“One of the greatest things about my job is getting information about the successes, so I sit and say ‘Wow, that’s awesome.’ Right now, I’m getting a lot of seniors telling me they’re getting into colleges. I’m seeing a lot of performances, so right now those are the things [I look forward to].”

– Dr. Michael Havener, principal

The office every KHS head principal has occupied. Today, it belongs to Dr. Michael Havener.

photo by Abbey Painter

David Holley

“I used to give out Blow Pops. You know, school can be kind of boring. I felt sorry for kids by Friday afternoon, so I gave out blow pops. I used to walk by classrooms and throw blow pops into classrooms. In 2004, about my second or third year, I was going by Kriewall’s class and I threw a bunch of blow pops into his classroom. Emily Meyers…  actually dived across the floor to get a Blow Pop. She had her pencil in her hand and her pencil got stuck in her artery. We called the nurse and we said what should we do and she said don’t take it out because if you take it out you’ve hit her artery and she might bleed to death. You might not be able to stop the bleeding. They actually ended up taking Emily Meyers to the hospital because of a pencil in her arm because I threw blow pops in a classroom. I didn’t throw many blow pops into classrooms after that.”

– Dr. David Holley, former KHS principal

Photo courtesy 2009 Pioneer Yearbook

Franklin McCallie

“He always knew everything that was going on. He was hugging kids. My high school principal didn’t even know who I was but [McCallie] knew everybody. I had never seen a principal like him; he was so involved. There’s just something about relationships here that are better.”

– Randy Kriewall, math teacher

Photo courtesy 2000 Pioneer Yearbook

Donald Duchek

“His nickname was ‘The Duck.’ Now, nobody called him that to his face. I don’t know how he got the nickname. There were nicknames for other administrators too. I talked to him because I was one of the photographers for the newspaper [The Kirkwood Call]. He seemed like a good principal. He was a nice guy.”

– Patrick Jones, class of 1970


Photo courtesy 1970 Pioneer Yearbook


art by Bridget Killian