VoK: Tacky Day

Emma Lingo and Ally Ortmann

Emma Lingo

Julie Healey

“I never pass up a chance to wear fashion-forward outfits,” Julie Healey, librarian, said. “[My chicken feet shoes] are hard to wear, but they are noticeable. Orange is a glorious color and I look forward to being able to wear orange [on Tacky Day] every year.”

Emma Lingo

John Longtine

“[I like participating in] Tacky Day because it’s tradition,” John Longtine, senior, said. “It’s part of the Turkey Day spirit week and it also gets you into the Thanksgiving spirit. The people that go over the top [on Tacky Day] are really fun to watch.”

Emma Lingo

Matthew Stoner

“I like participating in Tacky Day,” Matthew Stoner, history teacher, said. “This is actually the first year I’ve gone all out. Tacky Day is fun and different. In return, [Webster] dresses up like us and it’s a fun little expression of rivalry that’s harmless.”

Emma Lingo

Meghan Brennan

“I don’t like Tacky Day or Spirit Week in general,” Meghan Brennan, sophomore, said. “It all just leads up to an unnecessary football game where boys senselessly tackle each other. People say Spirit Week is fun, but I don’t think so.”

Emma Lingo

Anna Smith

“I usually participate in stuff like Tacky Day,” Anna Smith, sophomore, said. “Freshman year was fun and I learned about [Spirit Week.] Now I know what to chant and where to sit [during the pep rally], and I don’t have to deal with the embarrassment [of being a confused freshman.]”