VoK: Spirit Day

Emma Lingo and Ally Ortmann

Emma Lingo

Willie Parks

“I think Spirit Day is a fun event that brings all of the classes together.” Willie Parks, walking counselor, said. “I think dressing up for Spirit Day, for the [football] players, gives a sense of the school being together, having their classmates cheer for them puts them on that stage and it’s cool.”

Ally Ortmann

Samantha Baalmann

“Spirit Day is okay.” Samantha Baalmann, senior, said. “I think [Spirit Day] is stupid, I don’t like being told what to wear. I’m indifferent; I don’t think [Spirit Day] really does anything to [raise moral.] You can wear a Kirkwood shirt any day, wearing one on Spirit Day doesn’t change anything.”

Emma Lingo

Sydney Sutter

“I participate in [Spirit Day] every year.” Sydney Sutter, sophomore, said.  “I think that it’s fun and I love my school. Showing school spirit shows support for my school and it gets everyone more hyped for the Turkey Day game.”

Emma Lingo

Taylor Jackson

“I love Spirit Day.” Taylor Jackson, sophomore, said. “It brings everyone together and really shows that we’re a community. Everyone is on the same side, rooting for Kirkwood.”