KHS Spotify Wrapped

Daniel Kim, sports editor

With one single swipe, people have access to all the music in the world. Thanks to the invention of the smartphone and music streaming apps such as Spotify, listening to music anywhere has never been easier. Spotify users can check out how many minutes they listened to music in a year and who their top five favorite artists are through Spotify 2018 Wrapped. So, TKC went around the campus to see what KHS listens to. If you want to check out your own music stats, press this link to find out.

“I like to listen to alternative rock,” Lisa Autry, chemistry teacher, said. “I have three sons, the oldest is 28 and Aaron is a senior this year so they fall in that range [when Alternative was popular], and it’s the music that they listen to, so we just shared that [music taste]. But I can tell you that it was a student of mine, way back a long time ago, named Kelly McKenzie, she is now in the arm forces, and she made me a mixed CD with a lot of those bands on it back in the day. She said, ‘You would really like this,” and that was another thing that got me into the genre. My sons really liked Breaking Benjamin fifteen years ago, so we would always listen to it, along with Creed. So I was talking to Kelly one day and she said, ‘Oh, I’m going to make you a mixtape,’ and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I love that music.’ So that’s how it started.”


“Most of the time, when I’m by myself, I listen to alternative,” David Bregende, junior, said. “I usually listen to more chill music. When I’m with my friends, I listen to rap. [Hip hop] is the main culture in our school right now, that’s why we listen to rap when we are together. But I tend to listen to Alternative when I’m by myself because that’s what I relate to and what I like to listen to. I always listen to music when I’m in my car and it’s always on when I’m at my house. It’s something that I like to have in the background because it makes the everyday task go by more smooth. It’s like a relief of stress.”


“Most of the music I listen to was an old country [genre] called Honky-tonk. It’s from around the sixties and seventies,” Finn Sinner, senior, said. “Country was something that I grew up on. My dad and I listened to a lot during car rides and such. I’ve been listening to it as long as I can remember. With rap, I like it, it’s modern, and I can look forward to because [new rap music] comes out every other month.”


“I listen to all kind of music, but mostly Hip Hop,” Caleb Jones, sophomore, said. “Travis Scott is my favorite artist because it gets me hyped and it gets me going. In all of his albums, he changes his style up. On his most recent album, “Astroworld,” he has a song ‘Stargazing,’ and it goes slow and halfway through the song, it goes completely all-out. He was the main person that got me into rap music in the first place, and it helps me get through the day during school. If I’m doing homework, I can listen to one of his slow songs. If I’m tired, I can listen to one of his hype songs.”

All photos by Daniel Kim.