Voices of Kirkwood: COVID-19


Audrey Blaine

Come together as a community and submit your COVID-19 stories to TKC’s Voices of Kirkwood.

Tell us about your quarantine/COVID-19 experience. We want to provide a space for Kirkwood to come together. Whether it’s from your bedroom, your front yard or online, we want to hear about your times in quarantine. 

Send us a photo of the view from your workspace. Share a hopeful story. Pose a question to the Kirkwood community. How have you seen Kirkwood rally in this crisis? What are you grateful for? What kind of activities keep you going every day? 


Here is an example of a possible submission:

Photo courtesy of Zach Baynham

My friends and I all dressed up and ate cereal together on what was supposed to be prom night. It was our “cereal formal.” – Olivia Silvey, junior







Here is an example of something similar on a national scale, done by the New York Times.


Using the Google Form below, fill out your name (or your family’s), how we can best reach you, and what you have to share. Each submission will be reviewed by a team of students and you will be contacted with confirmation before we choose to share. When submitting photos, we would appreciate the name of the photographer and a few words explaining the picture. 


Voices of Kirkwood: COVID-19 Google Form link