VoKs: Borbonus, Maney

October 16, 2021

For our third issue this school year TKC followed the prompt “Everybody has a story.”  TKC staffers were randomly assigned three KHS students to write “Voices of Kirkwood” on. They capture details about a Kirkwood resident: what their hobbies are, what has been their biggest struggle and what makes them different from every other person in Kirkwood. Read Henry Joiner’s Vok’s to learn about Gia Borbonus and Matthew Maney.


Gia Borbonus


Katie Bowers

Gia Borbonus looks to dominate on the field once again this year.

Being a part of the Lou Fusz Girls academy and Young Democrats club give you a small look into the active life of Gia Borbonus, junior. Coming from a family where her older sisters played soccer when they were in high school, Borbonus said she wanted to follow in their footsteps and give the family sport a try.

“I feel like soccer is the first sport for a lot kids, especially girls,” Borbonus, said. “I ended up really liking it and I’ve played ever since I was six years old.”

Although she doesn’t see herself playing soccer in college, Borbonus has said that being a part of the academy could offer many collegiate soccer opportunites if she were to change her mind.

One thing that had been on her mind, however, were her political views. Since her family aligns with democratic values, Borbonus joined the Young Democrats club during the pandemic. Even though they’ve had a limited number of meetings, she said she’s happy she joined.

“With the Black Lives Matter movement and riots going on in the U.S., I got to form and voice my political opinion more often,” Borbonus said. “Now, even though I’m still democratic, I sway more towards the middle instead of being more liberal.”

Matthew Maney


Katie Bowers

Electronic dance music has become one of Matthew Maney’s big hobbies.

Matthew Maney, senior, has grown to love electronic dance music (EDM), which allows him to create quality music in a modern way. EDM is made up of a range of electronic music genres and is usually played at parties, festivals and nightclubs. This style of music has become popular in the U.S. for it’s flexibility since you can use many different instruments.

“A lot of music nowadays is created through programs online. It’s a lot cheaper to create drums, melodies and bass all in one place,” Maney said. “You don’t have to go out and buy intruments when you have that kind of access at your disposal.”

Maney hopes to pursure a career in EDM, but said he is keeping his options open on how to get there. Whether it’s going to an audio engineering school or starting a band, he wants to walk away from that experience with skills that will help him be better.

“Even though it would be nice to go to a strong audio engineering school, the amount of money that would go towards paying for my tuition makes me wonder how much I [would] truly get out of that,” Maney said. “But, there are lots of positions open for that type of work, so that option is definitely still in the air.”

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