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Where are they now: Nick Jones

Profession: Analyst - Location: New York - Class of 2012

He had it easier in high school than his twin sister, Mikala Jones, who did not fit in. Being on the football team, trying out many other sports like lacrosse and rugby in the off season. He was well-liked and had a good group of friends. He appreciates KHS more now than he did while in school. Nick Jones, 2012 KHS graduate, found his future passion from coming to the KSD and using his past to guide him.

“Coming from the inner city schools [Garfield Elementary], it was kind of like day and night,” Nick said. “I would go home and sometimes our hot water wasn’t running or sometimes our electricity was off. Then going to Kirkwood, I get to go see my friends every single day or I get to go play sports and be out in Kirkwood. It was the financial literacy part that [allowed me to choose my job today].”

Nick said he was one of the popular guys in high school but did not prioritize, which resulted in low grades. He focused more in college at Meramec Community College and then the University of Missouri – Columbia to receive his major of bachelors in science and business administration with an emphasis in finance and banking and real estate. He currently works at JPMorgan Chase in New York and is in the two year rotational program. Chanel Fielder, Nick’s mother, said she always encouraged Nick and Mikala Jones, Nick’s twin sister, to do their best.

“I have a saying on my wall that says ‘Preparation meets opportunity,’” Fielder said. “That is what I would tell them all the time, like for Nick and his job. In New York City, he would have never had that chance had he not struggled and gone to college for five years. He was determined to make it happen.”

Nick said working at JPMorgan in New York is a beautiful place to live. He said he looks forward to spending more time in a diverse environment.

“I have fallen in love with New York,” Nick said. “I definitely want to be back in the Midwest whether that is Chicago or St. Louis. I have been back for Turkey Day games and [other] stuff like that, but who knows what is going to happen in ten years.”

It’s hard at times [living so far away from Nick], but we talk a lot.”

— Mikala Jones

Both Nick and Mikala said being twins allows them to help each other out when they need it, even if they live on opposite sides of the country. The both both said they contact each other daily.

“It’s hard at times [living so far away from Nick], but we talk a lot,” Mikala said. “We have always been close so we fight just as much.”

According to Nick, his job at JPMorgan Chase allows him to work with people to benefit him and others. He is able to spend time working long hours every day with smart people to inspire him.

“You want to be able to work with the people because you are working with them 40 to 60 hours a week,” Nick said. “I get to work with really smart people every single day and people that the brand and culture of JPMorgan has is really great. If there was any place to start a career that can sharpen your skills, this would be the place for me.”

The hardest part about working at JPMorgan is the first two years, the rotational program called the corporate analyst development program, Nick said. The rotational program allows Nick to go through the different businesses the company has to offer every six months of the two years.

“I don’t necessarily get to be a go-to subject matter expert [in the business] on one specific thing,” Nick said. “I get to rotate through these different lines of business over the next two years of full rotations. I will always have to answer a new job or function and join a new team.”

According to Nick, he enjoys using as much as his free time as he can after work each day. Nick said after he graduated college he has enjoyed reading, working out, hanging out with friends, and occasionally playing basketball.

“For anyone looking to get into banking, even if you are young, in high school or a freshman or sophomore in college, there are opportunities out there where they do introductory [business] programs,” Nick said. “If that is something that you are thinking about or want to try, there is an opportunity out there, you just have to go out there and get it. Work hard and an opportunity should come your way.” 

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