Lily Frick and Merry Schlarman

Not having perfect grades stresses out most students. It is important to know how to deal with stress that school can cause.

It’s safe to say that the honeymoon is over. Your teacher is now more interested in your knowledge of the function of the mitochondria as opposed to your summer vacation. Your life has become Student Council meetings and cross country practice, and you are left to figure out how to balance it all on your own. Don’t fear, after these five tips on how to manage stress this school year, you’ll be set for the rest of your academic career.

Eat healthy. This may sound like it won’t help with your stress, but when your skin breaks out because you are running on only coffee and vending machine snacks, you’ll wish you took this advice. Eating healthy doesn’t always mean taking a bunch of extra time to prepare something. It can be as simple as packing carrots instead of chips, or as elaborate as tossing your own salad for lunch. All in all, eating healthy won’t make your piles of AP Physics homework disappear, but you can at least find some relief in knowing that you actually ate something where the first ingredient isn’t sugar.

Make time for your friends. Seriously. You will be so grateful to get out of the seemingly endless stacks of homework and see someone who isn’t a partner for your latest English project. This can be as easy as making a little time between sports games and homework to get your favorite coffee from Kaldi’s. Remember that there is more to life than getting an A on your next test, and your friends are definitely starting to notice that since school started, all you can talk about is your Honors Chemistry Quias. Let them know that you can, in fact, think about something other than how to balance a chemical equation.

Be OK with missing out on some things. You cannot be a member of every single club, no matter how hard you try. There is no way to play every sport. Maybe it’s time to rethink being enrolled in seven AP classes and if two online courses is really is manageable. You can’t do everything well if you are overextending yourself. While FOMO can certainly cause a lot of stress, committing to every single obscure club and group at school will definitely stress you out more. Colleges will not notice if you missed that one Bee Club meeting your junior year.

Get ahead. You already know that Algebra homework is due in three days, so try and work on it piece by piece instead of saving it all for the night before. Do you know you have a test coming up and that you are struggling with the content? Make an appointment with your teacher so they can help you find a way to learn the material instead of desperately searching for a Quizlet that will teach you the difference between functionalism and structuralism at 2 a.m..

Set manageable goals. How can you expect to get an A in every single class, be president of every club at school, sleep 8 hours a night, be in a relationship, have friends, go to every school dance and still keep your sanity? Realize that you aren’t going to be perfect. That is OK. Nobody is going to care that you failed the first APUSH quiz, and your friends won’t mind if you stay home to catch up on sleep instead of going to the football game this weekend.

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