Trendy foods you should try

It seems like there are always trendy foods people claim to be the next best thing. Here is your guide to current fads that are worth a try. 

1. Kale

Kale has been extremely popular in salads and smoothies. Many people try to incorporate kale into as many meals as they can because it is one of the most nutrient-dense foods, containing high levels of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, folate and fiber. If you aren’t the raw veggie type, try munching on some kale chips. These have spiked in popularity because they are a tasty, healthier alternative to potato chips. 

Audrey Blaine


2. Impossible Foods’ Meat

This faux meat came out in 2016, but recently has been sold at Qdoba, Burger King and many other restaurants. This substitute meat contains soy and potato proteins, yeast, sunflower oils, and food starch. The combination of ingredients creates the perfect taste—it’s just like beef. If you are trying to go vegetarian, this is the ideal product for you. It is a great source of protein and a healthy alternative to meat.

Audrey Blaine


3. Chia seeds

With the increasing popularity of smoothie bowls, chia seeds have become a go-to topping. They have proven to be the perfect addition to smoothie bowls because they add extra protein and a crunch. Next time you go into Rush Bowls, you’ll probably notice this as a topping option.

Audrey Blaine


4. Coconut products (water, flour, oil, etc.)

Coconut oil has caused many people to turn away from vegetable or canola oil. Coconut oil is a healthier alternative because it has healthy fatty acids which promote burning fat. People have started using coconut flour instead of regular flour because it doesn’t contain gluten, which is a plus for anyone who has a gluten intolerance.  

Audrey Blaine


5. Seaweed

When you think of an after-school snack, usually chips, pretzels or granola bars cross your mind. But organic seaweed chips have quickly become a go-to after school snack for many people due to their calcium, fiber and protein contents. Seaweed can be bought in bags and is dried with salt and other toppings on it.


Audrey Blaine