LIFE of a Pioneer: Toga Night

From the first day of freshman year to graduation, students pass through milestone events to mark their ways through the treacherous journey that is high school. Here are some of the most common.

Mimi Wright, features writer

On a night toward the end of the year after the seniors have graduated, the current junior class journeys late into the night to play pranks on the sophomore class, during Toga Night. When Nina Ravensberg was a junior, she participated in this tradition.

“It was exciting to go with a group of friends and [hide] from cars driving by,” Ravensberg said. “[The point isn’t] to ruin someone’s house but put funny stuff in their yard.”

Ravensberg and her friends decided to put furniture and toilet paper in the yards of soon-to-be juniors. It was raining the night they went out, so they had to wait until 1 or 2 a.m. when the weather finally calmed down to play pranks on the juniors.

Although this tradition is based upon vandalism, it has become a symbol of seniority above the incoming junior class. Although Toga Night is discouraged by some faculty members and is not connected with the school, but students still participate.

“I think it makes Kirkwood unique in a way and it makes it more exciting to be a part of Kirkwood,” Ravensberg said. “It brings friends together and creates good memories.”