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Draw it out video: depression

Katie Judd, Jane Stewart, and Chloe Hooker

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Katie Judd and Jane Stewart narrate the story of an anonymous KHS student who has dealt with depression and bipolar disorder*.

*Some facts were altered in order to keep anonymity.



About the Writers
Katie Judd, copy editor

Interests: I really love netflix and naps and TKC
Favorite food: Mac n cheese
Favorite quote: "Hey all you people"
What does...

Jane Stewart, business staff

Interests: TKC, my pup, friends, fam, taking photos/videos, meeting new people and hearing their stories!
Favorite food: Chick-fil-A

Chloe Hooker, editor-in-chief

Interests:  Irish dance, art, food and typography
Favorite food: Ice cream
Favorite quote: "All of us who do creative work, we get into...

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Draw it out video: depression