Top five in-depth stories of 2017

TKC Staff


It is our job when writing for in-depth to not just write stories about a particular topic, but to really analyze and allow our readers to understand that topic and all its many facets.. The stories in this section go further than most, and the best part of the section are the stories that can do it all. They provide the data and hard facts without sacrificing the emotional appeal essential to every story. The top five in-depth stories below certainly accomplished that. From a discussion of the use of “Under God” to an informative, personal account of prescription medication use, these pieces embody the value of going “in-depth” into a topic, and they have left our readers with a new, well-rounded understanding of it, too. Some other fantastic examples deal with the inner workings of our own school, including a spotlight on religious favoritism, a short but powerful feature on a randomly selected student, and a comprehensive overview of the racial diversity of the teaching staff.

Should “Under god” be in the pledge – Hannah Cohen and Bridget Killian

Out of place – Thomas Birmingham

Another nervous breakdown – Hannah Cohen

Looking to the Legends: 300 Word Features: Ian Haley – Ryan Davidson 

Diversity – Thomas Birmingham, Logan Crews, Jack Rintoul