How much do you know about the new teachers: George Walker

Abby Christensen, news writer

George Walker, English teacher, was born in Los Angeles, but has lived in St. Louis since he was 10. Before teaching at KHS Walker taught at Seckman High School for five years and then left the classroom to open a martini bar in Tower Grove East called Van Gogh’s Martini Bar. He did this for two years before returning to teaching. Walker worked at Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE) teaching their “Time to Teach” program.

Working for CTE, Walker traveled around the country speaking at educational conferences and professional development days. He sold his business in July wanting to get back into the classroom. Walker said he wanted to teach at KHS because he has friends who work here and has always heard good things about the district. So far, Walker said it has been great. He loves the technology, staff and students. He said the transition to Kirkwood has been interesting because he was hired two days before school started.

“The first two weeks were bumpy but exciting,” Walker said.

Outside of school, Walker loves to read, eat, dance and sleep. He said he’s looking forward to having a son, Jackson Cole Walker, in November.