How much do you know about the new teachers: Katie Beckebrede

Abby Christensen, news writer

Katie Bekebrede taught health and P.E. at Lafayette High School for six years before teaching at KHS. She switched to KHS because she heard many good things about Kirkwood schools and the community. She also switched to KHS to have the opportunity to teach dance, because Lafayette did not have a dance class.

Beckebrede said she likes KHS because of the short commute to her house, the nice and helpful people she works with and the opportnity to dance every day.

“It’s great to be able to just teach dance, and share that passion [with KHS students],” Bekebrede said.

Bekebrede said she danced at a studio growing up. She later danced throughout high school and college and has coached dance ever since. She grew up in St. Charles City and attended St. Charles High School.

The high school dance team was during school hours so Bekebrede was able to play school sports and dance at a studio as well. She played softball, basketball and soccer as well as participating in Student Council.

Now, Bekebrede enjoys spending time with her family and friends outside of school. She also likes scrapbooking, exercising and going out dancing with her friends.