How much do you know the new teachers: Jackie Hibbler

Abby Christensen, news writer

Jackie Hibbler worked at Parkway South High School for nine years, taught ISS (In School Suspension) for five years and then was a math academic coach for four years. She got her bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 1988, before receiving her teaching certification in 2011. After getting certified to teach she switched to teaching math full time.

“I was waiting for a job to open up and none ever opened up at South, so one opened up [at KHS] and here I am,” Hibbler, math teacher, said.”I was ecstatic [to get the job at KHS].”

Hibbler said she loves KHS so far, especially the sense of community and school spirit.

“South had great school spirit, but Kirkwood is over the top…, and how the whole community comes out,” Hibbler said. “I’ve heard people even refer to [Kirkwood] as cultish, because it is just so tight.”

Hibbler said the only challenge she has faced at KHS is teaching math for the first time. She said she is having a hard time adjusting to the learning curve and getting used to teaching. Hibbler compared the transition to being a math teacher to learning how to drive.

“When you scoot over into that driver’s seat somehow it’s different than being six inches over to the right,” Hibbler said.

Regardless, Hibbler said she is learning quickly and the experience has been pleasurable. She also said that she loves her department, and that her co-workers have eased the transition.
Outside of teaching, Hibbler coaches women’s track at Parkway South and is married with three children. She spends her spare time trying to be a good student with learning how to teach, and catching up on what she did not do during the week.