The aftermath: student reactions to the light bulb lockdown

Abby Christensen, news writer

KHS went on lockdown on December 17 after the police were called due to a custodian hearing a loud crash around 5:50 am. At that time no one knew what had caused this, but there were possible theories of gunshots or intruders. Police blocked all entrances to the campus and commenced a search, but found no evidence other than a large stack of light bulbs that had crashed. They concluded the most likely source of the sound to be the light bulbs and the school day went on with a one hour delay and shortened classes.

Although the police said the source of the sound was light bulbs, Tori Fisher, senior, had another theory. Fisher believes that the light bulb theory is not true, that the sound was indeed caused by gunshots.

“I still feel like [KHS] is willing to tell us anything,” Fisher said. “I still don’t believe it was light bulbs.”

Although she thinks KHS is covering up the real story, Fisher is not concerned with any immediate danger. She does question why students had to go to school that day, whether or not a gun was present that morning.

“I was kind of questioning why [KHS] would have us go to school. Even if it wasn’t a gunshot, it was still dangerous,” Fisher said.

Thomas Woodley, junior, also disagreed with KHS’ willingness to return so quickly, although his uncertainty derives from the haste of the police search.

“If there was something wrong, I would have liked for the police to have taken more time with the search,” Woodley said. “It kind of concerned me.”

Other students, such as Christie Garasky, senior, Claire Visnovske, sophomore, and Jack Mullendore, junior, were happy with the police response, but Mullendore thought that for this specific situation the response was a little overreacted. However, he thinks the janitor took the correct precautions with calling the police. Mullendore said when he first found out about the lockdown, he was concerned because he did not expect a school shooting to happen in Kirkwood.

“As a high school, I do like it. If you’re going to be stuck in a high school, I’d rather be stuck here because this is a pretty good one,” Mullendore said. “I guess I was scared, because this stuff happens and I didn’t want it to happen here.”

For more information on the lockdown read The Kirkwood Call’s story “KHS goes on lockdown“.