Following Ferguson


Aug. 9- 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, MO after some type of physical confrontation according to USA Today, while coming home from a convenience store. Dorian Johnson was identified as the man who accompanied Brown when he was shot.

Aug. 10- A candlelight vigil was held, but it soon turned into a riot. Protesters looted a Walmart, QuikTrip and other local stores. According to The New York Times, rioters broke windows of a gas station and damaged police cars. Joe Belmar, St. Louis County Police Chief, released information that Brown was unarmed, but Brown physically assaulted the officer. Belmar also said one shot was fired inside the car.

Aug. 11- There were peaceful protests along the streets of Ferguson, but not without  another night of violent riots on W. Florissant Avenue. Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Fifteen arrests were made. The first day of school was cancelled in Jennings due to the unsafe conditions of the area, especially for students walking to school. A Missouri Highway Patrol officer said St. Louis County police officers were to remove their name tags from their uniforms.

Aug. 13- According to USA Today, the City of Ferguson asked for future protests and vigils to be held during daylight hours. Fox 2 News reported classes in the Ferguson-Florissant School District were postponed due to the turmoil in Ferguson. Police threw tear gas and used rubber bullets in Ferguson again to disperse violent crowds. Missouri State Highway Patrolmen were to remove their badges because of safety concerns but were asked to put them back on the next day.

Aug. 14- Jay Nixon, Missouri governor, announced the Missouri State Highway Patrol will take over the security in Ferguson. During the night, citizens marched peacefully and no violence was reported through the night.

Aug. 15- According to The New York Times, Darren Wilson was named as the officer who shot Brown. Wilson had served almost three years in Ferguson, two in another local department and had no disciplinary charges. Later, a surveillance video was released connecting Brown to the robbery of a convenience store the day he was fatally shot. Wilson did not connect Brown to the robbery on the day of the shooting but approached them because Wilson and Johnson were blocking traffic according to Thomas Jackson, police chief in Ferguson. Tear gas and armored vehicles returned to the area to disperse rowdy crowds, and rocks were thrown at officers.

Aug. 16- Governor Nixon issued a state of emergency in Ferguson, and imposed a curfew that would take place from midnight to 5 a.m. “This is a test,” Nixon said. “The eyes of the world are watching.”

Aug. 17- According to USA Today, protests continued despite the curfew as protesters threw Molotov cocktails at officers. Police lobbed tear gas back at the crowd because “This is no longer a peaceful protest,” a police announcer told the crowd. “You must leave the area.”

Aug. 18- According to KTVI, the Ferguson-Florissant School District cancelled school for the rest of the week because of safety concerns for students, especially those who walk to school.

Aug. 19- Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol said 31 people were arrested overnight, four police officers were injured by thrown rocks and bottles, two people were shot and two fires were set. Transfer students from Riverview Gardens could not attend the first day of school in the Kirkwood School District because buses were not on able to transport them due to the unrest in Ferguson.

Aug. 20- According to Capt. Johnson, 47 arrests were made overnight and protests were less confrontational. CNN reports the grand jury began investigating Wilson. The process will be closed to the public.

Aug. 21- According to USA Today, by 12:30 a.m., many of the 150 protesters who marched on West Florissant Ave. had gone home. Gov. Nixon told the Missouri National Guard to begin withdrawing from Ferguson.

Aug. 22- Matthew Pappert, a police officer in Glendale, was fired due to racist remarks he made over Facebook. “These protesters should be put down like a rabid dog on the first night,” Pappert said. The annual Ice Cream Social held at the Glendale Police and Fire Department was cancelled for safety because of the posts.

Aug. 24- Six arrests were made overnight, but Capt. Johnson declares the night as peaceful. Michael Brown Sr., Brown’s father, requests protests stop for his son’s funeral  Monday.

Aug. 25- Brown’s funeral was held at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, and according to CNN thousands attended the funeral. The Huffington Post reports a few people shouted, “Hands up, don’t shoot” and raised arms. Others in the crowd honored the Brown’s family’s wishes of a day of silence and peace.

Aug. 28- Five people filed a lawsuit that alleges police in Ferguson and St. Louis County used an unreasonable amount of force and arrested innocent bystanders while trying to disperse the unrest during the protests.