The Great Pat Rub

Photo courtesy of Kirkwood School District

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Kirkwood School District, there will be a Great Pat Rub and kickoff event at Lyons Stadium Sept. 27 at 1:30 p.m. The Great Pat Rub is an attempt to break the Guinness record of the most  people rubbing their bellies and patting their heads at the same time. After the patting and rubbing, participants will line up in the shape of 150 for an aerial photo.

The current world record for a pat-rub is 1,093 people. In order for the world record to be valid 95 percent of participants must complete the pat-rub for a minute, Guinness said. There will be a section for people in the community, including small children who want to watch the event from the bleachers. KSD is hoping for a turnout of 2,000 people. Volunteers are needed to guide and watch 50 people in the event and can sign up here.

“It should be a great community event,” Ginger Cayce, KSD communications director, said. “We are keeping our fingers crossed that it’s a beautiful day.”