KYS hosts annual blood drive to save lives

Emily Mitchell, news writer

KYS will host their annual blood drive at Kirkwood High School in the Denver Miller gym Oct. 29,2014. The event will be all day on a Wednesday in order to allow students to give blood during homeroom. KYS members went around the school to each homeroom in order to sign people up to give blood this past Wednesday, Oct. 22. Any student who is 17 or older can give blood, but students who are 16 years old will have to get parent permission to give. Bob Becker, KYS sponsor, will send out reminders to students leading up to the event in order to give information and other important precautions prior to donating blood.

“Having this event is essential to saving lives, because blood reserves are low, and donating just one pint of blood can save up to three lives,” Becker said.

Last year, 89 people showed up to donate blood and there were 146 signed up. This year they already have 135 people signed up and are hoping to have another 15 signed up by the 29. Becker is hoping that by sending the remind messages there will a fewer number of no shows at the event.