Do freshmen have enough honors?

Hannah Cohen, social media

Freshmen have two honors classes available: Honors Freshman Literature and Composition and Honors Geometry. For some freshmen, this is not enough. Students who are planning to take more honors classes their sophomore years, feel like they will not be prepared for the transition from regular to honors classes.

According to freshman Eli Boshara, only taking Honors Algebra II and Honors English are not enough. If Boshara could add one more honors class to his curriculum this year, it would be Civics.

“Everyone, no matter how smart they are, is in it, so it’s a wide range of kids,” Boshara said.

Boshara does not feel like he will be prepared for the AP World History work next year after this small workload he has for Civics.

Another freshman, Bridie Molen, said her pick for an honors class that doesn’t exist would be Honors French II. Bridie feels that French II is not at a pace that she feels challenged enough in. Molen is taking both honors available for her this year, and she even hears kids in those classes complaining that their schedules are still too easy.

Molen said that “French II is too easy and I wish there was an honors course available.”

However, Kim Sweesy, guidance counselor, disagrees with these freshman. She is a counselor for this year’s freshman and does not have many kids come and complain to her about their classes.

“I think the workload is very appropriate,” Sweesy said. “[Freshman year] is a time to figure things out and not a time to push. A lot of times kids push too hard, and all of a sudden it’s crash and burn.”

College counselor, Abby Peterson, said there could be more classes available for these freshman, but there is no point in rushing them into honors classes initially.
“No one wants to overwhelm freshmen,” Peterson said. “I think [the administration] offers the honors courses in areas which they think students will be most successful.”