Fighting towards the White House

Melanie Witt, news writer

As we enter the year of the presidential election, polls and opinions begin to take place. Here are descriptions of the top candidates from each party:


Hillary Clinton: 52.4 percent national poll*

Clinton was the first lady when Bill Clinton took office in 1993, and it is her second time running for president. She opposes the absolute right of gun ownership and expanding the military. She stands for women’s equality by working to close the pay gap and have paid family leave. By expanding Obamacare she believes it will strengthen the economy. With her New College Compact, students will not have to borrow money to pay for tuition fees, and student debt will recede. She wants to make high-quality education available to every child in America. Clinton also strives to make sure children with disabilities have the tools they need to succeed in school. Another one of her goals is to give undocumented immigrants a path to legal status. At KHS, 38% (44/117) would vote for her.


Bernie Sanders: 38.5 percent national poll

Sanders is currently serving his second term in the Senate for Vermont. In Congress, he has fought for working families by trying to close the gap between the rich and poor. By taxing financial transactions, he believes it will help make the tuition to public universities free for everyone. He is pro-choice and fights for equal pay for women. Sanders believes almost all wealth is in the top 1 percent of the population. America has the highest child poverty rate, which Sanders seeks to decrease. He wants to legalize recreational marijuana in order to reduce jailings. Sanders opposes the Keystone Pipeline, which would travel from Canada to the US. In the Senate, Sanders argued to make reductions in carbon emissions to break our dependency on fossil fuels. At KHS, 56% (66/117) would vote for him.


Martin O’Malley: 2.4 percent national poll

As mayor of Baltimore, O’Malley helped reduce crime in the city by law enforcement becoming stricter. Recently, O’Malley was the governor of Maryland. He hopes to generate 100 percent of the US’s electricity with renewable energy by the year 2050. He also wants to make sure all graduated students can live debt-free within five years. O’Malley wants to reduce infant mortality by 10 percent within four years. He wants more gun control, along with background checks and an establishment of national firearms registry. O’Malley wants to expand student aid by increasing Pell Grant payments and tripling participation in the federal work-study program. At KHS, 6% (7/117) would vote for him.



Donald Trump: 37 percent national poll

He is a television showman and billionaire with over 5.5 million followers on Twitter. In response to mass gun tragedies, he wants to expand treatment programs for people with mental illnesses. Trump believes Planned Parenthood is important, but abortions must stop. He also wants to build a wall across the Mexican border, which would be paid for by increasing fees on border-crossing cards, temporary visas and entry at border ports. Another goal is to replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts, savings accounts used with a high-deductible insurance policy that allows people to save money without tax against medical expenses. Trump does not want to raise minimum wage because he thinks it will make people non-competitive in the workforce. At KHS, 17% (17/101) would vote for him.

Ted Cruz: 19.3 percent national poll

Currently, Cruz is the United States Senator from Texas. Cruz wants to give states the power to define marriage, which means he believes gay marriage should be voted on by each state. According to Cruz, access to the Internet should not be taxed and net neutrality should be blocked. Cruz defends the second amendment for citizens to have the right to defend themselves. He also wants to secure the border with surveillance to protect American workers. Cruz focuses on fighting ISIS with the American-Israeli alliance. He is against Planned Parenthood and believes they sell unborn infant body parts. Although Cruz was born in Canada, he is still eligible to run for president because he was born to an American mother. At KHS, 13% (13/101) would vote for him.


Marco Rubio: 11.3 percent national poll

Rubio served in the Senate as a Senator from Florida. He wants to reform the tax code into two brackets at 15 percent and 35 percent. It would eliminate many tax credits and deductions but make an additional child tax credit of $2,500. Rubio wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with refundable tax credits for buying health insurance and would let insurance be sold across state lines. He sees our current American education system, the Common Core, as outdated. New jobs being created require quality education. Rubio also wants to help out small business owners by cutting the taxes for them to 25 percent. Plans are made to restore the military along with benefits that are updated to fit the 21st century economy. At KHS, 16% (16/101) would vote for him.

*National polls were taken from Huffington Post Jan. 10.