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Kirkwood welcomes new teachers to district

Naomi Blair, News

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Places on the tour:

  1. North Middle School
  2. Westchester Elementary School
  3. Keysor Elementary School
  4. Kirkwood High School
  5. Lindemann Site
  6. Robinson Elementary School
  7. Meramec Community College Campus
  8. Kirkwood City Park
  9. Commerce Bank
  10. Railroads
  11. Farmers Market
  12. Kirkwood Depot
  13. Kirkwood City Hall
  14. Nipher Middle School
  15. Magic House
  16. Warehouse
  17. Meacham Park
  18. Kirkwood Early Childhood Center
  19. Vista Program
  20. Glendale City Hall and Fire Department
  21. North Glendale Elementary
  22. Tillman Elementary School


New teachers of the district:

Robert Ricker-Principal

Westchester Elementary School


Julie Cohen-Guidance Counselor

Robinson Elementary School


Victoria Gilson-Reading Specialist

Tillman Elementary School


Denise Griffin -1st Grade Teacher

Tillman Elementary School


Jacob Johnson-Science Teacher

Nipher Middle School


Courtney Karr -French Teacher

Nipher Middle School


Curtis O’Dwyer-Science Teacher

Nipher Middle School


Jennifer Siegel -ELA Teacher

North Kirkwood Middle School


Kyle Wagner-Physical Education Teacher

Tillman Elementary


Courtland Griffin-Social Studies Teacher

Kirkwood High School


Stephanie Ross-Kindergarten Teacher

Tillman Elementary


Tami Melton – Special Education Teacher

Kirkwood High School


Holly Kersten-Special Education Teacher

North Glendale Elementary


Katie Goelz-Special Education Teacher

North Glendale Elementary


Nancy Linhoff-Special Education Teacher

North Glendale Elementary


Anna Mae Halamicek-School Psychologist

North Glendale Elementary School, Nipher Middle School


Andrew Nardi-Special Education Teacher

Kirkwood High School


Jennifer White-Parent Educator

Kirkwood Early Childhood Center

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  1. Heather Harvey on August 25th, 2016 10:03 pm

    I thought the Kirkwood school district wasn’t going to hire any new teachers this year because of the failed tax increase.

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Kirkwood welcomes new teachers to district