KYS November blood drive

KYS November blood drive

Camille Baker, features editor

Kirkwood Youth Service (KYS), led by Robert Becker, club sponsor, hosted a blood drive in the Denver Miller Gym Nov. 1. KHS students 16 and older signed up for various time slots from 8-2. Sixteen-year-old students were required to print out a signed parent permission form and bring it to their appointment.

One hundred eighteen students showed up to donate at the blood drive. According to Becker, about 25 percent of students were not eligible to donate for reasons such as low iron levels, under-sized veins and high blood pressure. Despite the complications, 90 pints were eligible for donation, enough to save 270 lives.

The blood drive allowed KHS students to get involved with charity work through the school. Students were able to volunteer at the blood drive to gain service hours, whether they gave blood or otherwise. KYS sponsors charity events beyond the blood drive throughout the school year and encourages students of all grades to participate.

“I’ve never given blood before,” Georgia Buchanan, junior, said. “I thought it was a good opportunity to help out a good cause and potentially save somebody’s life. Now that I’m able to [donate] without parental [consent], I plan on doing it the next couple years. [The blood drive] is an awesome opportunity for students to get involved.”