(Canned) food for thought

Melanie Witt, news-features writer

The school-wide canned food drive organized by Kirkwood Youth Service (KYS) started Nov. 28 and will continue until Dec. 7. Cans are collected in second period classes and the class with the highest average number of cans per student will win. Students can also donate money instead of cans ($1 counts as two cans of food). Classes placing first, second and third place will win hot chocolate and donuts provided by Bob Becker, science teacher and KYS sponsor. There is also an ongoing competition with WGHS. Kirk Care will pick up the cans collected Dec. 7 at 10:45 a.m. Last year, KHS collected 2,163 cans of food and $3,418.49 as 50 classes in the school participated.

“[The food drive] is important to everyone because there’s a lot of people in this community [who] don’t have enough food and putting a meal on the table for them is not as easy as it is for others,” Becker said. “This is a good time to share the wealth. I think it’s also important to give these students an opportunity to give in an easy way.”