Freshman Cocoa and Cram

Mary Ralston and Audrey Berns

First semester is coming to an end, and students are preparing for final exams. This can be an especially stressful time for freshmen as it is their first time taking finals, but Link Crew hopes to help them prepare with the annual Freshman Cocoa and Cram.

This event will be available to all freshman students in the cafeteria from 2:45-5:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12. It is a comfortable environment where students can go and study with friends. There will be hot chocolate and snacks provided. In addition, Link Crew Leaders and teachers will be there to provide assistance.

“What I really like [about Cocoa and Cram] was that it helped me feel a lot more confident and less stressed about going into finals,” Meredith Lang, a sophomore who attended the event last year, said.