KHS Day of Silence


photo by Izzy Colón

Izzy Colón, news-features writer

In the loud, crowded hallways of KHS, some students choose to remain silent in honor of the voices of LGBTQA people who have been silenced. Students participating in the Day of Silence refrained from speaking during the school day and wore a sign which spoke for them, informing the rest of the school of their mission on Thursday, April 13.

“So many things have happened to the LGBT community that are not brought up in everyday conversation because they’re too depressing or dark,” Kylie Rollings, freshman, said. “It’s good to set aside some time to actually think about it.”

The Day of Silence is organized by the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). According to Sharon Taysi, GSA club sponsor, KHS has participated in the event for more than15 years. The Day of Silence is nationally celebrated on April 21, however, KHS students took part April 13 due to KSD having a day off of school April 21.

Taysi said some students who have participated in the Day of Silence in the past have experienced teachers who are unsupportive of their participation. She encourages teachers to allow students to participate but adds that students need to take responsibility for the consequences this may have on their school day.

“I know some staff members are concerned that students will participate for the purpose of getting out of something,” Taysi said. “I would just ask that faculty members who feel there should be consequences for being silent realize that they might be perpetuating, not supporting LGBTQA rights.”