Year-round fitness

Lindsay Huck, copy editor

TKC explores summer Lifetime Fitness and why students elect to take this course during May and June.

TKC: What are the benefits of taking a summer enhancement course?
Phillip Deist, science teacher: Summer enhancement courses help students get ahead of the curve. Normally, many students would not be able to fit Lifetime Fitness, Personal Finance or Health into their schedules. Students can [get these required courses out of the way] so they can take another AP course or a class they are interested in during the school year.

TKC: How many students can summer enhancement accommodate?
PD: Each section can hold 30 students. Typically, Lifetime Fitness fills up quickly, especially for rising seniors. Health and Personal Finance usually do not fill up as fast.

TKC: What role do you play in summer enhancement classes?
PD: I have to set up the initial application form where students register for a class. Then, I have to manually go in and place them in the classes. During the summer, I monitor attendance and [assist] the teachers.

TKC: What is the attendance policy?
PD: Summer enhancement courses begin May 30 and end June 26. A student is allowed to miss one day and still pass the class, but then, they are required to come on June 26. For a student who is never tardy and never misses class, they do not have to come June 26. If a student does miss more than one class, then they will be removed from the class. We do not want to harm anyone’s [transcripts], so we do not fail them.

TKC also interviewed a student who has taken summer gym and a student who is enrolled in summer gym for the May 30-June 26 session.

TKC: What did you like about summer Lifetime Fitness?
Hanna Holloway, junior: I liked summer gym because it was a good way to stay in shape during the summer months.

TKC: Why did you choose to take Lifetime Fitness this summer?
Jimmy Tang, junior: I’m taking Lifetime Fitness because I haven’t completed either of my gym credits. Because of summer gym, I can take AP classes next year that I wouldn’t have been able to fit into my schedule.

TKC: What do you expect from the class?
JT: I expect the class to be similar to Lifetime Fitness [taught] during the school year. I hope the [curriculum] isn’t crammed, but since we only have 20 days, it might be.