Suicide awareness week: white board day 10/24/17

Suicide Awareness Week hosted a precursor to the full week which takes place annually in April on Tuesday, Oct. 24. White boards were put out on tables at the Essex and Dougherty Ferry parking lots for students to complete the prompt “I fight for…” and “I stand for…” Students wrote a range of responses such as “I fight for people who feel they don’t belong,” or others more personal like “I fight for my family.” Students were able to express however they have been impacted by suicide. If you need to talk to someone about the effect of suicide or mental illness, there are counselors available on campus for you. Their contacts are listed below.


Counselor for 2021:

Rachel Cosic

(314) 213-6100 ext. 1044

[email protected]


Counselor for 2020:

Joe Fisch

314.213.6100 x1040

[email protected]


Counselor for 2019:

Kimberly Sweesy

314 213-6100 ext. 1042

[email protected]


Counselor for 2018:

Amber Kapral

(314) 213-6100 ext. 1003

[email protected]