Another day in the snow

Will Drury, Parsnip editor

Despite inclement weather and numerous complaints from Kirkwood community members, KSD decided to remain open Tuesday, Jan 16. The announcement was first made on the Kirkwood School District Facebook page at 6:30 p.m. the day before and was immediately followed by a wave of comments from concerned parents and students.

Assistant Principal Michael Wade tweeted a photo of the post shortly thereafter, and again, students and parents were quick to reply.

According to Ginger Cayce and KSD’s emergency weather policy, the district does not currently have specific guidelines on when or when not to close the schools. Contrary to what some students and parents may think, the decision falls entirely on the superintendent rather than on each schools’ principal, and with KSD still transitioning between superintendents, the responsibility falls on Interim Superintendent Dr. Michele Condon.

“We currently do not have a wind chill policy,” Cayce said on the Kirkwood School District Facebook page. “The superintendent makes the decision based on a number of factors.”

For other schools in the STL area, including University City High School, Francis Howell and the City of Saint Louis School District, these factors were enough to close down for the day and only added to the frustration of the community. But with all six make-up days still remaining, one can only hope now that Condon’s decision to save us an extra day will pay off in the long run.