Junior ACT update

Logan Crews, opinions editor

Juniors who “opted in” on the school-sponsored ACT were scheduled to take the test Tuesday, April 3. However, due to technical difficulties in an attempt to administer the test via laptops per advice of ACT, students were released without taking it.

Dr. Mike Havener, principal, sent an email at 3:15 p.m. to junior students and parents saying that those who registered to take the ACT April 3, will be taking the paper and pencil version of the test Tuesday, April 24. He said more information will come to those registered between now and the testing date.

As about two hours and 30 minutes passed and test proctors scrambled to fix issues with the laptops, students sat talking with friends around them, playing games on scratch paper, as well as hand games like Down by the Banks, all waiting to begin the test. Jake Culbertson, junior, said that if the test had continued after that, his mindset would not have been in a good place to score well on such an important test.

“It made me feel good that Dr. Havener was on our side and didn’t want us to have to sit there for six hours,” Culbertson said. “When I took the [ACT] the first time, I got up at 7:30 in the morning and went straight there and straight into it, and I feel like that’s a much better way to go into a test, focus on it and do your best because your mind’s not distracted by other things. Now that we don’t have to worry about technical troubleshooting or learning a new program, I feel like our scores will be significantly better on paper [than they would have been on laptops].”