Five things to have in your car in case of emergency

Another storm is reported to hit St. Louis on Jan. 22.

Jack Matousek

Another storm is reported to hit St. Louis on Jan. 22.

Jack Matousek, features writer

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In wake of the snowstorm that hit the St. Louis area in which 12 inches of snowfall covered the ground, people were driving home from school or work bringing roads and highways to a halt. As a result, many people were stranded in their car for as many as 15 hours. As another storm is reported to hit the area Jan. 22, here are five helpful tips on what to have in your car in case you get stuck.


1. First Aid kit is a top priority. This does not just include bandages and antibiotic cream. Make sure to include medicine you may need and take everyday in a situations where you are stuck for an extended period of time.

2. Water bottles are another essential element to have in your car. Water does not only keep you hydrated but can also be used to clean or to pour into your radiator if your car overheats.

3. Warm clothing is necessary especially when dealing with cold weather. If you run out of gas on the highway or roadway, you may suffer from hypothermia or other health issues due to lack of heat. That can be dangerous and unhealthy, staying warm is a serious priority. Packing extra sweatshirts, pants, shirts and blankets are all recommended.

4. Non-perishable food items are a must in serious situations. Granola bars, crackers, nuts, cereal, dried fruits and jerky are easy to store. Waiting on an empty stomach will be a much longer and harder wait than having something to eat.

5. If your car falters or fails to start after a long wait, jumper cables may be used to get your car up and running again. In extreme cold, generating a constant flow of heat is very important.