KHS DECA goes international


Photo courtesy of Bryce Bunton.

The students who qualified for ICDC get ready to start their trip.

Claire Boysen and Jack Rintoul

KHS DECA goes international as seven students make their way to ICDC (DECA International Career Development Conference).KHS DECA goes international as seven students make their way to ICDC (DECA International Career Development Conference). The students will depart on Friday, April 26, to Orlando Florida with business teacher Bryce Bunton. While in Florida, the six seniors and one junior will compete against competitors from around the world in events they qualified for at the State competition. KHS sends two teams of two and three individual competitors to the international competition for the first time in 9 years.

The students attending are looking forward to the experience and are grateful for the chance to go.

“I get to go to Orlando, Florida with some good friends and to compete in a competitive competition,” Ryan Sweeney, senior said.  “I’m hopefully going to have some success and if not, then it will still be really fun.”

According to Poppy Rost, senior, going to ICDC is something she felt she would never be able to attend.

[ICDC] was always out of reach in my mind, even this year,” Rost said. “It was kind of crazy to get the opportunity.”

While going to ICDC is an honor in itself, that is not what Bunton is most excited for.

“[I’m excited to] spend time with the students that have been in our class for lots of years,” Bunton said.