KHS Senior Jonah Roy releases album “Carpe Diem”


Image courtesy of Jonah Roy

Jonah Roy, senior, released his second album, “Carpe Diem” on October 17, 2019.

Jonah Roy, senior, released his second album, “Carpe Diem” on October 17, 2019. “Carpe Diem” features KHS graduates, jackwoods (Jake Culbertson, 2019) and Joanna Serenko (2019), along with Rome. Roy said he was inspired by the people who surround him and moments of his life. This is his first full album that is available on Apple Music and Spotify. 

“I just poured my heart out,” Roy said. “I made sure people knew what was going through my head two months ago.” 

Roy said making an album wasn’t his original thought. He had the idea of just creating songs and possibly releasing them; however, after going through the 14-tracks he made, he realized he could create an album with the best 8 songs. 

“After a month and a half, [when] we were going through all the songs, we said, ‘oh, we literally have a full album on our hands,” Roy said.

For Roy, the most heartwarming part of finishing this album was the support and feedback he has received. He said when he asked classmates which song was their favorite the answers were diverse. Roy said he tried to make “Carpe Diem” an album where every song is listenable.

 “I made ”Daylight” and ”Playground” in the same day,” Roy said. “I remember going to my friend’s house and playing him those two songs I made that day, and he legit cried. It was the best thing ever.” 

For those who haven’t heard the album yet, Roy suggests listening to the album chronologically because of how well the album flows from one song to the next. According to Roy, it’s rare to have an album where there’s hard rapping in one song and an “Ed Sheeran” type of song in the next. 

“Expect the unexpected,” Roy said. “If you listen to [the album] all the way through, some stuff will come at you and you’ll be like what the hell just happened.”