KHS Weekly Updates 9/3/21: Dress Code, NHS Applications and COVID-19 Guidelines


Coco LeGrand

The KSD BOE met for a plan and work session Monday night.

Student Letters of Recommendation:

KHS administration recommends AP and Honors teachers to write up to seven college letters of recommendation per section of AP and Honors classes they have. Teachers may choose to write more letters for students, but this is the minimum suggestion. Administration is currently gathering teacher feedback on this suggestion.


Dress Code:

The guidelines for the school dress code state that students’ clothes may not be distracting or promoting drugs, violence or alcohol, while covering undergarments, torso, back and chest. Other dress expectations are outlined in the student handbook. Students not meeting these expectations may be asked to make modifications or be sent home.


NHS Applications:

Applications for juniors and seniors to join the National Honor Society (NHS) are now open. Students interested in applying should join the Schoology course with code 2H3K-DGSQ-3NZW8 or contact the librarians for more information. Applications are due Sept. 30.



Students are still required to properly wear masks inside the building at all times unless eating behind a barrier. After repeated offenses of teachers telling a student to wear their mask, the student will be sent to their grade level office.



Students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to stay home from school for 10 days. Teachers are encouraged to post work to Schoology and try to keep these students up to date with classwork. Other quarantine guidelines for students exposed to COVID-19 can be found here.