BOE reviews algebra curriculum


Laurel Seidensticker

The KSD BOE meeting held Monday, Nov. 15, covered curriculum and policy.

Updated math curriculums for middle and high school students, calendar committee adjustments and public policy updates were all discussed at the KSD BOE meeting held Monday, Nov. 15. 

During the work session, Chad Kavanaugh, board member, explained both of KSD’s middle schools’ approach to handling the Algebra 1 curriculum for their students. The BOE has met with the middle school counselor, grade level administrator and grade level principal from both middle schools to review the policy and plans for their students. The Kirkwood staff also understands the struggle of “the transition from eighth grade to high school” that students undergo, Kavanaugh said. The BOE said their goal is to set students up for success through their math curriculum. To do this, the BOE has decided against requiring each teacher to produce their own curriculum, and instead the staff of both middle schools will follow the same curriculum. “Both of our middle schools have been very intentional in meeting the needs of kids when they’re struggling with these courses,” Kavanaugh said.

Also during the work session, Dr. Howard Fields, assistant superintendent of human resources, presented an outline of propositions emphasizing the importance of no school on specific dates. This includes Election day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The 2022-23 planning committee has put together an incomplete draft calendar compiling their ideas, but have yet to share it with the public.

“We are moving toward finalizing a draft [for the 2022-2023 school year],” Fields said.