KSD updates COVID protocols: quarantines, masks and graduation plans


Grace Marcus

KHS can expect shorter quarantines and the return of masks this semester.

KSD has implemented new COVID-19 protocols in response to an increase in COVID cases and new CDC and county guidelines at the start of second semester. Principal Dr. Mike Havener reiterated that protocols change frequently, but this is what KHS students can expect for now.



  • As recommended by CDC guidelines, students and teachers only need to quarantine if they test positive for COVID or are experiencing COVID-related symptoms. There will be no quarantines required for students or staff exposed to the virus.
  • The length of quarantines was also shortened. Students and teachers in quarantine must now stay home from school for five days, including weekends.
  • Quarantine protocols are not affected by a student’s vaccination status.
  • If a student tests positive for COVID, they are encouraged, but not required to notify the district by filling out the form on the district website.
  • When students are quarantined, they are expected to keep up with their classes as if they were sick during a year without COVID. Teachers will post notes and assignments to Schoology.
  • When teachers are quarantined, they will continue to post lessons while their students learn at school with a substitute.
  • MSHSAA guidelines are different from those within KSD. MSHSAA requires a 10-day quarantine for positive COVID cases, followed by a seven-day acclimation period in which affected athletes participate in shortened practices and do not compete.


Virtual School:

  • If a certain percentage of students tests positive for COVID at once, KHS will pivot to a completely virtual schedule for a minimum of seven days before reevaluating. This will happen if 5% of the student body tests positive on a single day; if 4% comes up with new positive cases for two consecutive days; or if 3% has new positive tests for three consecutive days.
  • Dr. Havener finds it unlikely this will happen. KHS has not gotten close to 5% positive cases since the beginning of the semester. District COVID numbers can be found here.



  • Per St. Louis County mandate, masks are required for students and teachers indoors at KHS. If the number of COVID cases in the area drops significantly, KSD may reconsider moving to a mask recommended policy.
  • If a student sees a teacher or student continuously not wearing their masks properly and feels uncomfortable, they are encouraged to inform a counselor, grade level principal or Dr. Havener.
  • Students are allowed to eat lunch on campus as normal, but are encouraged to sit with the same group of students every day and keep their mask on during and after eating whenever possible.


Prom and Graduation:

  • Dr. Havener and KSD plan to have prom as normal.
  • Dr. Havener said it is possible that graduation will take place in KHS’s Lyons Stadium instead of Chaifetz Arena as planned. This is due to the policy at Chaifetz that requires all participants to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hours before the event. If Chaifetz changes its policy before graduation, the event will take place there. If not, it will likely happen at KHS.
  • Graduation will still take place on May 14, and the after-grad party will follow in the KHS gym,  as planned.


TKC will continue to update our website as new district COVID protocols are announced.