BOE approves proposal for construction and renovations throughout KSD


Grace Marcus

Construction and renovations will be taking place across KSD throughout 22-23′.

The KSD Board of Education met on Monday, Apr. 25 and approved, Prop R, which will begin multiple construction and renovation projects throughout KSD. Tillman and Westchester Elementary schools are going to view the most changes. 

Tillman will acquire eight classrooms, a new library, a new gym and a renovated counseling office. Westchester will also get eight new classrooms, a new library and an expanded cafeteria. Construction for both schools will happen during the 22-23 school year. NKMS will gain three new science classrooms, and KHS will add 200 new cameras and the parking lots will finally be getting some added spaces. Six new spaces will be positioned along Essex and fifteen will go near the science building. The BOE stated that a traffic plan for the parking lot construction will be put in place soon and all schools in the KSD will receive new lights.