Board discusses MTSS plans and delays policy for April 2023 election

BOE plans for a support system and discusses policy plans

Coco LeGrand

BOE plans for a support system and discusses policy plans

The KSD Board of Education (BOE) held a work session at the Keating Theater in KHS on Nov. 7. The BOE talked about KHS’s use of a multi-tiered system of support, or MTSS as early warning system for kids who may be at risk of dropping out of high school. Each student at KHS has a personalized profile on Educlimber that shows everything from grades from prior years to E-hallpasses and missed days throughout the current school year. 

The system is on a threshold from low to high risk. Low risk typically starts at frequent trips to the nurse or missing 5 or more class periods, and high risk includes a failing grade, out of school suspension and multiple visits to the office. When a student has been identified as “at risk,” administrators will immediately go into action to seek out support for the student. These administrators will have weekly meetings to discuss “at risk” kids. If 80% of kids in the school are not reaching the benchmark, administrators go into a plan to have a complete shift to help kids succeed academically. A system similar to this at the middle school level and is expanding with the hopes of reaching elementary school students. 

Board protocols for the upcoming year were discussed, and the BOE election policy was delayed for the April 2023 municipal election, said Board President Jean-Marie Andrews.