Who’s on your ballot?

Logan Crews, opinions writer

Missouri House of Representatives of the 90th District (Kirkwood): Mark Milton vs. Deb Lavender

Mark Milton, Republican, plans to:

  • Continue to provide academic resources to schools, students and teachers to maintain quality education.
  • Ensure schools, teachers and students Reform labor laws.
  • Lessen government restrictions on small businesses.
  • Create more transparent health care solutions that will increase competition.


Deb Lavender, Democrat and incumbent, plans to:

  • Expand Early Childhood learning.
  • Work for business tax credits to create jobs in Missouri and end tax credits for businesses that outsource jobs out of state or country.
  • Work for improvements in strict and expensive small business policies.
  • Expand Medicaid.
  • Begin a process to curb excessive health care increases, while giving small business owners access to an insurance exchange to grant health insurance to their employees.


Missouri House of Representatives of the 89th District (Des Peres): Dean Plocher vs. Jack Schilligo

Dean Plocher, Republican and incumbent, plans to:

  • Stop Obamacare in Missouri.
  • Reduce special interest influence in Jefferson City.
  • Eliminate taxes and regulations that  reduce job opportunities.


Jack Schilligo, Democrat, plans to:

  • Expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Keep taxes and jobs in the state, lifting the heavy tax burden on the middle class.
  • Assure voter registration efficiency without the need for a voter photo ID.


Missouri House of Representatives of the 66th District (Riverview): Tommie Pierson Jr. vs. John Saxton

John Saxton, Republican, does not have publicized plans.


Tommie Pierson Jr., Democrat and incumbent, plans to:

  • Provide every child with an excellent education.
  • Bring businesses and jobs into Riverview.
  • Give all residents access to quality healthcare and community building.


Missouri House of Representatives of the 77th District (St. Louis City): Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts, unopposed Democrat, plans to:

  • Make student loans affordable and have more widespread access to the A+ program.
  • Band communities together to keep small businesses and jobs in the area.
  • Expand access to health care to all citizens in Missouri.


2000px-seal_of_the_missouri_house_of_representatives-svgphoto courtesy of Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License


Governor of Missouri: Chris Koster vs. Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens, Republican, plans to:

  • Enforce choices in local education in replacement of Common Core curriculum, and will provide more opportunities to failing schools.
  • Shrink government spending, eliminating waste and fraud. He will reform the tax code and close special interest loopholes.
  • Create more, larger private sector paychecks in a reformed economy.


Chris Koster, Democrat, plans to:

  • Provide full funding for Missouri’s public school districts and expand access to early education and raise teacher pay.
  • Reduce taxes and streamline regulations and investments in communities.
  • Make St. Louis a transportational hub to create jobs by repairing and rebuilding infrastructure.
  • Expand Medicaid and introduce a drug monitoring program.


Missouri State Treasurer: Eric Schmitt vs. Judy Baker

Eric Schmitt, Republican, plans to:

  • Further reduce individual income tax rates to free up revenue for reinvestment in Missouri-based main street banks.
  • Prohibit tax dollars supporting business with Iran.
  • Publish all government expenditures on a public web portal.


Judy Baker, Democrat, plans to:

  • Create a market that attracts and retains jobs.
  • Educate young people about financial life skills and new ways to save for college, housing, or starting businesses.
  • Produce a public Annual Report Card showing Missouri’s use of tax dollars.

2000px-coat_of_arms_of_missouri-svgphoto courtesy of Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License


Missouri Secretary of State: Robin Smith vs. Jay Ashcroft

Jay Ashcroft, Republican, plans to:

  • Streamline business procedures and cut unneeded regulations that inhibit job growth and innovation.
  • Reduce government fees of starting businesses with training for new business owners.
  • Reduce the Secretary of State office’s spending by improving technology and implementing efficient procedures to eliminate waste.


Robin Smith, Democrat, plans to:

  • Repeal voter photo ID requirements.
  • Protect Constitutional rights.


Missouri Attorney General: Teresa Hensley vs. Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley, Republican, plans to:

  • Enforce the rule of law in all communities, prosecuting and convicting criminals and scam artists.
  • Reform lawsuits to economically benefit families and their wages.
  • Reform the ethics plan for Jefferson City politicians so that they cannot misuse their offices for personal benefit.

Teresa Hensley, Democrat, plans to:

  • Provide a new division with professional care to help child abuse victims.
  • Continue to support law enforcement and prioritize convicting felons to maintain safe communities.
  • Continue to provide access to a women’s safety program to give help and training against abuse and assault.

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